"The value of a quality education should not be underestimated. For the investment in our children today provides tremendous benefits for us tomorrow." Dr. R. Lemoyne Robinson, City University Schools

City University School of Liberal Arts City University School Boys Preparatory The Influence1 Foundation

With an average senior class of less than 70 scholars, City University School of Liberal Arts has received more than $10 million in academic scholarships over a three-year period—annually taking in at least $3 million in scholarships per class with at least one scholar earning the recognition of the Million Dollar Scholar.

City University supports many of Tennessee’s colleges and universities, but scholars also receive offers from New York University, Wabash, Amherst, St. Louis University, Boston University, Ithaca College, University of California, Morehouse, Spelman and others.

City University School Boys Preparatory is Tennessee’s first public charter middle school for boys. The school currently has 120 sixth and seventh graders and will continue until all grades are fully implemented—sixth, seventh and eighth.

“Incremental growth is critical to the implementation of a successful program built to offer better educational opportunities for boys,” stated Felicia P. Hartsfield, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The Influence1 Foundation.

The Influence1 Foundation was organized exclusively for purposes to include educational management, community engagement and economic development. Initiated as a philanthropic measure of its founder, Influence1 has grown to serve the local community in multiple capacities with varying programs geared for community and youth enrichment.

In addition to its charter schools, City University School of Liberal Arts, City University School Boys Preparatory and City University School Girls Preparatory, Influence1 is also responsible for the 38106 Collaborative, 1Urban Gallery, and the Memphis Starts With Me © community program.