Founding Class Receives More Than $3.5 Million in Academic Scholarships

With only 69 members in the Class of 2008, City University scholars received more than $3.5 million in academic scholarships. Many of the scholarships were from Tennessee colleges and universities, but scholars also received offers from New York University, Wabash, Amherst, St. Louis University, Morehouse, Spelman and others.

Once the early scholarship totals were complete, City University recognized two scholars, Cory Atkins and Anthony Maples, who had each received at least $500,000 in offers.

The combined efforts of these young men were matched by the more than one million dollars in scholarships offered to Xavier Green. Due to this feat, Green was recognized as the 2008 Million Dollar Scholar.

With so many offers placed before him, Green thought carefully before choosing a school. Now a freshman at Vanderbilt University, Green stated, “At City University, I learned that anything is possible if you dedicate yourself to making your dreams come true.”

Atkins now attends Amherst and Maples is at Rhodes. Dreams also came true for others, as many City University alumni-scholars are enrolled in their college choice.