Support City University Schools

City University Schools is committed to providing students with an academically rigorous program of study to better prepare our scholars for the opportunity to attend the college or university of their choice. This is only obtainable with the assistance and support of individuals like you.


The donation of your time to a worthy school project, an after-school program or building a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a developing scholar is reciprocally beneficial–for the scholar and you.


The donation of your talent as a motivational speaker, tutor in the After-school Math Academy or director of a school play serves to support the full development of our scholars.


The donation of funds is critical in our efforts to stabilize and sustain the vision/mission of City University Schools. Your monetary donation, regardless of amount, provides assurances that this opportunity remains available to the students of Memphis.

Just as important as funding, is the donation of equipment to include classroom resources, technology components and companion pieces, as well as, supplies for teachers and scholars, are key to the classroom experience and success of our scholars.

Please consider how valuable your donation is to the priceless future of a City University scholar. To further your interest of donating to City University Schools, please do not hesitate to contact Chancellor, Dr. R. Lemoyne Robinson at or at 901-327-2291 or Mrs. Felicia Hartsfield at or at 901-526-1944. They will assist in ensuring your measure of support is appropriately aligned with your desire and the schools’ design.