Current national data shows that (minority) males are statistically behind their female counterparts in educational obtainment. This is evident within Memphis City Schools and City University Schools of Liberal Arts. Along with national reports, City University’s in-house review also revealed that African-American boys are more likely not to be academically engaged at the level of their counterparts..

City University School Boys Preparatory (City University Boys Prep), an entity of the educational arm of The Influence1 Foundation, proposes to meet the need of public education as well as the demand for an alternative institution committed to secondary preparation.

Created as a college preparatory middle school with an emphasis on the (educational, social, and psychological) development of male scholars, and operated as a Center of Excellence for Student Development, City University Boys Prep will serve to benefit Memphis and its community of students. This effort is enhanced by its collaboration with the parent school, City University School of Liberal Arts. This union will ensure the efforts to build a curricular foundation to better prepare its scholars for transition into secondary education and later post secondary institutions.

City University Boys Prep will serve a potentially neglected population of students from low performing elementary and middle schools that may not be able or eligible to transfer to an optional school with a college preparatory program. City University Prep will provide male scholars full access to a diverse offering of courses, coupled with a curriculum that enables and empowers young men with the abilities to achieve success in an academically rigorous environment and within a socially engaging community.

Due to fewer resources being allotted to education, many districts across the nation have found their ability to offer college preparatory programs [that focus on the positive development of male scholars] very limited. Despite such a trend, the Founder and Chancellor, Dr. R. Lemoyne Robinson, believes that scholars deserve the opportunity to receive a high-quality education.

Robinson understands that in order for scholars to be granted the ability to do so, they have to be allowed access to opportunities that would provide them proper preparation for such pursuits-regardless of socioeconomic background or previous educational barriers.

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