City University School of Liberal Arts

2008 Founding Class

City University School of Liberal Arts, a division of The Influence1 Foundation, meets the need of public education as well as the demand for an alternative institution committed to post-secondary preparation. Created as a college preparatory high school with a liberal arts core and operated as a Center of Excellence for Student Development, City University serves to benefit Memphis and its community of scholars.

City University School of Liberal Arts began by welcoming 63 ninth graders for the 2004-2005 academic year. Since then, the school has grown by one grade level each year and continued to grow until reaching its maximum capacity of 320 scholars from grades 9 through 12. This incremental growth in the scholar population was key to the implementation of a curriculum that works to improve scholars’ intellectual and social development-individually and collectively.

City University School of Liberal Arts has an academically rigorous learning environment that is supportive of all scholars and their pursuits of post-secondary education. Through this approach, scholars are provided opportunities that they may have been previously denied. City University’s college preparatory program provides scholars full access to a curriculum that enables and empowers them with the abilities to achieve success in any environment.