Fine Arts and Humanities
Art, English, Humanities, Foreign Language, and Music courses equip students with the proper tools to become well-rounded scholars. These courses are critical in a scholar’s preparedness and transition to higher education.

Sciences and Mathematics
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Natural Science and Physics courses offer scholars a foundation in their development of critical skills used to access knowledge. Through math and science, the natural curiosity of a scholar is stimulated and often satisfied through logical thought processes.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
American and African-American Studies, Economics. Personal Finance, Geography, History, Psychology and Sociology courses provide scholars with an introduction to understanding human behavior and interaction. Through these courses and off-campus opportunities, scholars are exposed to a diversity of living and learning experiences.

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City University School of Liberal Arts Staff
Faculty and staff are integral to the success of scholars at City University School of Liberal Arts. The right staff enables the school to provide a proper learning environment for its scholars.

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