Fine Arts and Humanities
Art, English, Humanities, Foreign Language, and Music courses equip students with the proper tools to become well-rounded scholars. These courses are critical in a scholar’s preparedness and transition to higher education.

Sciences and Mathematics
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Natural Science and Physics courses offer scholars a foundation in their development of critical skills used to access knowledge. Through math and science, the natural curiosity of a scholar is stimulated and often satisfied through logical thought processes.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
American and African-American Studies, Economics. Personal Finance, Geography, History, Psychology and Sociology courses provide scholars with an introduction to understanding human behavior and interaction. Through these courses and off-campus opportunities, scholars are exposed to a diversity of living and learning experiences.

City University School of Liberal Arts Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff are integral to the success of scholars and their proper learning environment at City University School of Liberal Arts.


Professor Julius Dabbs
Teaching Subject(s): Music

Professor Stacia Evans
Teaching Subject(s): Special Education

Professor Toria Howard
Teaching Subject(s): English IV

Professor Jessica Benson
Teaching Subject(s): Biology

Professor Anya Jones
Teaching Subject(s): Computer Applications

Professor Audra Jones
Teaching Subject(s): English III

Professor Gered Lewis
Teaching Subject(s): U.S. History

Professor Genese Martin
Teaching Subject(s): Physical Education, Health

Professor Vanessa Moore
Teaching Subject(s): Physics, Human Anatomy & Physiology

Professor Aretha Myers
Teaching Subject(s): Freshman Seminar, Senior Seminar

Professor Monica Scott
Teaching Subject(s): Art

Professor Veronica Stewart
Teaching Subject(s): Algebra II

Professor Teresa Weaver
Teaching Subject(s): U.S. Government

Professor Robert Wheatley
Teaching Subject(s): English I

Professor William White
Teaching Subject(s): English II

Professor Marco Woods
Teaching Subject(s): Algebra I

Professor Martha Ynguanzo
Teaching Subject(s): Spanish I, Spanish II



Marsha Wansley-Burch, School Counselor

Dena Cashaw, Scholar Support Clerk

Jacqueline Jordan, Secretary/Special Projects Manager

Dena Wilson, Secretary